About Jakarta Language Academy

Jakarta Language Academy was established in 2013 by Matthew Donohue and Karl Millsom.


Matthew's background is in Corporate English Training, and he came to JLA with a view to providing high quality language services to businesses in Jakarta, including English classes, communication skills workshops, and translation.


Karl is a teacher trainer with experience running both public training programmes and working with local governements, and now he aims to offer effective and practical training for teachers and institutions of all natures, be they formal or informal, private or public.




Vision & Mission


We imagine a future where high quality English language education is easily accessible in Jakarta so that businesses and students can find great teachers with ease.


We want to offer the best quality services to businesses in Jakarta as a leader in achieving this vision and to offer effective and practical training so that other teachers and language institutions can also be a part of the same vision.





JLA Goals
Offer the Best English Language Services in Jakarta 
We want to be the first choice for high quality language services, from business English classes and skills workshops to document services.
Train Teachers from All Sectors of Education
We want to deliver our Teacher Training programmes to everyone, whether they are individual teachers or institutions, beginners or veterans, public or private, formal or non formal.
Work on a National Level to Improve Education Standards
We want to work with people, institutions and local governments to improve teachers, schools and education standards across the board, starting at teaching methodology to curriculum and frameworks.